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Town Creation Application Empty Town Creation Application

Post  Burnsa_Ravenholdt on Thu Aug 25, 2011 4:02 pm

So you really really think you're up for it? You have created a castle and gathered 3 members?
Sorry, but you cannot create your town...yet.

Burnsa will have to view your town and decide whether it is ready.

After that, your town will be created but you cant relax just yet.

You will have to gather 3 more members in one week or your town will be erased, once you have 6 members you are free to do whatever you want with your town.

However, if your member count reaches less that 4, you will have 5 days to get it back to 6 or your town will be erased.

If you have created a home for your town and gathered 3 members, fill out this form:

Town Name:
Town Members:
What is your town about:


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