Thank You Burnsa

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Thank You Burnsa

Post  That_Guy on Wed Sep 14, 2011 12:30 am

Among all of the complaints about the server time I would like to take this time to thank Burnsa =]

Thank you for providing us with a place where we can play minecraft online for free.

As for Spaintakula, I'm still not sure where exactly you fit in but I understand your great (long-time?) friends with Burnsa so thank you for your help as well =]

unfortunately i do not have a job to help donate money for a server but I hope others will step up instead of complain ;-p

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Post  Spaintakula on Wed Sep 14, 2011 4:29 am

Hhh well u might have not known it but you can't actually say Burnsa and Me are long time friends xD.I actually met him for the server.I was one of the first to enter.Well first was xero and then me.And for the thank you,np man thank you for joining Very Happy

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Post  ktm on Wed Sep 14, 2011 7:31 am

yaeh burnsa has de best to put the cracked is cool


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Re: Thank You Burnsa

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