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Tutorial: Airships Empty Tutorial: Airships

Post  Burnsa_Ravenholdt on Tue Aug 23, 2011 10:05 pm

This server has the plugin, Movecraft.
This allows thew player to create moving structures of their own, however this plugin has been known to cause major lag.
If you experience lag constantly, please tell an admin and I will remove this plugin.

Aircraft: Any structure that flies.
Ufo: A flying structure covered with glowstone.
Car: I dont think this needs a explanation
Ship: This too

Your structure will not pick up ANY dirt or sand blocks. Dirt or sand blocks on TOP of your structure is okay.
It is advised that you dig underneath your structure so that nothing is touching it before you take off.

To launch your structure, type /(Structure type) pilot. e.g. /Aircraft pilot

For more information, google Movecraft or ask an admin.


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